Streaming, for brands.

The benefits of a mobile app and streaming content in one simple package.

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You Need More Than A Website.

92% of time spent on mobile devices is in apps. Yes apps are important, but it doesn't make sense for every brand to have its own app, so we created the next best thing.

Think Pandora but for apparel. Tailored is a streaming-platform where apparel brands get the benefits of having an app without the cost and management, and our size-matching technology makes sure every collection is seen by people it fits.


The Perfect Complement.

A mobile app that mimics your webstore. Simple integration. Managed by us.

Join a network of over 55 global apparel brands and get a mobile app for your brand without the hassle of building or managing one.
Tailored is a brand community, kind of like Pandora is for music. As the community grows Tailored is exposed to more people, and so is your brand!
Apps are better than websites at engagement and personalization. With Tailored you get access to a custom dashboard to view analytics, send push messages, and more.

Current Partners.

Don't just take our word for it, check out some of the brands using Tailored today.


Automated Exposure.

Automatically reach hundreds of new potential customers every month! Getting your collection noticed is a major part of your brands success, so let Tailored help grow your brand.

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Push Messaging.

Forget emails, push messaging is the most effective way to communicate with your customers today. Using our custom dashboard you can easily send a notification directly to their mobile devices.


Getting Started With Tailored Is Easy.

Upload your current logo and apparel-size information and we do the rest.

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