How to enhance the shopping experience with Tailored

With more and more apparel brands shifting their focus online, it’s important to remember the customer experience is much different when browsing a website than walking into a store. So it goes without saying a priority should be to provide the most seamless, personalized experience possible.One way larger online apparel retailers are doing this is to guide shoppers to their best size before they buy. We all know there are no size standards, thus your “size” in one brand is different than another, so it makes sense if a shopper knew immediately upon arriving at your web-store all the styles that matched their size/fit, it would be extremely helpful to them. Here is a way Tailored is helping apparel brands do just that.


One of the lagging issues with online clothing stores is there is no personalization on behalf of the shopper upon entering. This is easily solved by adding a mobile app in addition to your website, but for most this will never make sense, for both brand and consumer (imaging having one app on your device for every brand or store you shopped).

Tailored allows brands to join their platform to get the advantages of having a mobile app without managing or building one.

When a user downloads Tailored, the first thing they do is add their clothing size (very generic and quick) or they can take it a step further and add a few of their body measurements, which is obviously far and away better for those looking for size advice than simply adding a clothing size.

Female top in your correct size.

Tailored’s size matching algorithms not only sort your collection for each shopper, in their size, but target users throughout they globe who are also a size match, and stream images of your collection to them.

Image showing woman using Tailored on iPhone

In the image above, a user has selected a garment and as you can see, the users best size is shown at the bottom, helping them get to the point of checkout faster, and allowing them to keep what they buy.

Services which act as an accomplice to your web-store, like Tailored, are helping apparel brands do more and be better in the ever growing world of online commerce.

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Savvy apparel brands evolve with their customers

Tailored is a mobile platform and virtual fitting tool for apparel brands and retailers. Get the benefits of mobile without needing to build and manage your own app.

Online sales via smartphones grew 53% year over year from 2015 to 2016 as reported by Forrester. Statistics like this are a stark reminder of the attention apparel brands and retailers must direct towards their mobile efforts. Case in point, a recent Statista report shows mobile sales are expected to more than double between 2016 and 2019, jumping from $116 billion in 2016 to $267 billion in 2019. Thus again proving mobile is secure in its position as a shopping medium for buyers on the go and consumers in general. This also means going above and beyond the need for simply having a “mobile website” as there are things brands are able to do with a mobile app that they’re unable to do with a website alone.

Here we discuss a couple ways to evolve with your customers, whether your brand already has an app or are thinking of adding one to your digital strategy.

The Customer Experience

We’re now about 8 and three quarter years since the Apple App Store came into existence. The mobile experience has changed tremendously since and so have the mobile use-habits of consumers. We are no longer willing to use apps with clunky navigation and slow transitions. Users must be able to figure out the app within a matter of seconds (only a small percentage read the coach-tips upon first downloading an app), it must make sense, and be fast and easy.

Woman using Tailored to shop on her mobile device.

If you’re a brand that already has it’s own app, one tip is to continually enhance the customer experience by periodically performing A/B tests. This will help ensure your platform grows with your customer and always flows with the most current UX/UI trends.

Customer/User Acquisition

Much like growing a loyal customer base for your apparel brand, growing a loyal mobile customer takes a little time, and if done properly and with care, can propel your brand into sustained success over time. Your goal is obviously to get the greatest number of people downloading and using your app while not being “spammy” and turning potential long-term users away. You should follow similar techniques as used to grow your email newsletter.

  1. Make it known on your website that you have an app by displaying app store badges.
  2. Include mentions of your app in your email and social campaigns.
  3. Reward customers that download your app with a one time coupon.

Mobile continues to gather strength in the world of eCommerce. Make sure to keep pace.

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Tailored helps Nobody Denim customers find good fit.

Around the turn of the century in Melborne, Australia, the Condilis brothers began making quality jeans. They got their start in the industry through their ownership of a denim laundry and a love of quality jeans. In fact, they were so obsessed with the quality of their future product, they began by designing their own tools and techniques to be used for hand customization of their denim. The two understood that the road to true quality and uniqueness started before production. Through this, the Nobody Denim fashion brand was born.

Nobody has spent the better part of two decades perfecting their craft, growing and selling throughout Australia. Their denim line has slowly expanded to include tanks, tees, jackets, skirts and dresses. The brand also recently began a partnership with the streaming platform Tailored to deliver an enhanced mobile shopping experience, provide shoppers with online sizing assistance and aid the brand in expanding its presence throughout the US and rest of the globe.

Nobody Denim 1

Tailored co-founder Dave Desmarais and Nobody Denim marketing director Zoe Randerson were introduced to each other and began strategizing the partnership. As Tailored’s roots are as an apparel-fit technology company for denim brands, the relationship appeared to be a perfect fit (apologies for the pun). Tailored also brought knowledge of the denim-fit/recommendation space through past relationships with global denim brands Joes, Mavi, Hudson, Siwy and Genetic.

Nobody Denim and Tailored officially began working together in February of 2017. Nobody is currently streaming most of their skinny denim line and will add tops and other lines to the Tailored platform very soon. Nobody Denim has traditionally earned a majority of its sales through wholesale relationships, but through their new partnership with Tailored are positioning themselves for true mobile and global expansion.

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Snapping a photo measures clothing, helps find a great fit.

There are still a great majority who steer away from purchasing clothing online. The idea of not being able to view an item up close, touch it, or try it on makes them uneasy. It could also be that instant gratification is lost with online purchases. But the main reason most people sight for not buying online is simply the item may not fit and would need to be returned.

If you have eyes, you can undoubtedly decide if an article of clothing fits your personal taste within a matter of seconds. Being able to look at something and determine if it will fit is a another story. Until now, there have only been a few ways to shop by fit from the comfort of your own home, all of which have not caught on in the mainstream either because of ease-of-use issues or the platform not performing well. Tailored is changing that, and the only thing you’ll need is your mobile device.

How it will work

As adults we all have clothes in our closets, and most likely there are a few items in there that fit our bodies pretty well. Why not use those items to narrow your search results when you’re shopping for something new? This is exactly how Tailored’s new software will work.

Grab a pair of pants from your closet and lay them flat on the floor. Pull out your mobile device and snap a photo. Tailored will instantly measure the garment and locate new pants with a similar fit within seconds, sort your matches by brand, and tell you how and where to purchase them.


Use mobile device to take a picture of clothing to measure it.

Use mobile device to take a picture of clothing and have it measured.

The software has been in development for the past two years and will be released into their already exiting app (Tailored), currently available for iOS (Android coming soon). The software falls into the machine learning category and will get smarter and more accurate the more it is used. When released, the software will be able to accurately measure any style of pant or short. Tailored will be adding tops and other garment categories in the future.

Expected release date

March 2017

Brand integration

Tailored will allow apparel brands and retailers to use the software through the Tailored app. A plan is in the works to offer a standalone widget which would be installed on individual brand websites to give shoppers exclusive use of the software by the individual brand.

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