November 1, 2016 Dave Desmarais

Virtual Fitting For Your Online Store

Virtual fitting technology for your online store.

It’s no doubt one of the most difficult steps in buying clothing online is choosing a size. It’s because of this, virtual fitting has been a major focus of startups and innovators around the globe for the past 15 years. A few companies have made positive strides in this space, but most advancements have not caught on in the main stream. If you’ve ever looked into an online virtual fitting solution to help increase sales and decrease returns, Tailored might be a solution for you.

Here we’ll discuss a few of the solutions Tailored has introduced, and will be introducing, that are much simpler and make more sense than other solutions available today.

Deep Links That Suggest Shopper Sizes

If you’ve ever tapped a link and been directed to a specific section within a mobile app, you’ve experienced deep linking. For example, you may have clicked on a link for a restaurant and the Trip Advisor or Yelp app has opened to that restaurants page. Tailored uses this same methodology in helping your shoppers choose their size (read more about Tailored deep linking here).

Image showing Tailored deep link icon

Image showing an iPhone user browsing clothing items on the EPTM website and also viewing the Tailored deep link icon.


Tailored adds a small badge on the product pages of partner sites (like EPTM. viewed in the image above), from there shoppers who tap the badge are directed to your store on Tailored. What they will see is a custom catalog of apparel, showing them only items available in their size. Tailored not only suggests the most appropriate styles, but also shows them the size they should buy in the style being suggested, getting shoppers to your check-out page faster.

Streaming Your Content by Size

There are many things online retailers can do when they add mobile to their digital mix, things they’re unable to do with web alone. One thing is targeted streaming. Imagine if you could automatically place your product in front of the people it was physically designed for, anywhere in the world. Tailored uses the streaming concept to show users what styles and brands are out there for them. No matter were in the world you’re located, Tailored streams your collection based on size matching technology, helping to take virtual fitting to the next level.

Photo Sizing (coming soon)

The one flaw in most virtual fitting solutions is basing style and size recommendations off of a persons body. That works only up to a point, because body measurements do not determine how someone likes their clothes to fit. Tailored is not only a unique mobile platform for apparel brands and retailers, we are also laser focused on solving the size and fit issue most retailers see with regard to online purchases. It’s most apparent for retailers who sell denim and other types of bottoms as people in general have a more difficult time choosing the right size bottoms when compared to tops.

With the virtual fitting problem in our sights, we are developing a photo technology that is going to revolutionize the way apparel retailers are discovered by consumers as well as how they help their shoppers choose the best styles and sizes for their bodies. On the consumer side, Tailored’s photo technology will simplify the shopping process and personalize the experience like never before.

If you are interested in more information on the Tailored photo-tech, please reach out and one of our co-founders will be happy to share more details.

Are you a clothing brand or retailer and would like to explore the benefits of Tailored? Reach out.

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